Our Story

Wisdom Over Conflict is a company that I decided to start up to honor my father’s passing and to continue his legacy. He was a man of peace even if it meant sacrificing his own. I was what most people Call it a Miracle baby I had died at Birth and God decided to grant me another chance at life.

I realized from the beginning I was built to do his plan and his will. I know deep within my soul that it is my purpose to spread the love of Christ to everyone, especially our youth.

Now my brand is not for everyone because everyone who say they're Christian, who say they believe in God is not willing to wear the words. But remember "In the beginning God was the word and the Word was God." And that Still Remains true today. So every time you put on my brand you're putting on Christ, your armor.

Showing and telling the world that you are not afraid to let any and everybody know that God is real but it's not made for all only the ones who know for sure today that they are Built For God's Plan and who decide to choose Wisdom Over Conflict so that our youth may live and our communities may strive. Wisdom is a move of Christ but it's also a move of peace. It says that I choose peace over death of our communities and families.